Graduate Projects: (not including research)

Web Development:


  • Machine Learning Algorithms for In-database Analytics
  • BioMate: A web application to help Lab-bench biologists use Command-Line Interface

Computational Biology:

  • A quartet-based approach to study the demographic relationship of human population


  • A survey on Combinatorial Auctions problem.

Undergraduate Projects: (not including research)


  • Nachos Extension (Multiprogramming, Priority Scheduling, Console Management, Page Replacement Algorithm) (C++)
  • Data Link Layer Implementation (Selective Repeat Protocol with piggybacking) (Java)
  • System Call Programming for Linux Kernel (C++)
  • Unix-like terminal development (80x86 assembly)


  • Compiler for Pascal language - converts Pascal program to 80x86 assembly code

Computer Graphics

  • Modeling Exterior of National Assembly of Bangladesh
  • Non-rigid surface modeling - water and cloth

Information System Design

  • Warehouse Raw Material Inventory Management System for a Pharmaceutical Company

Software Development

  • Digital SSI Logic Circuit Simulator (Java)
  • Airport Management System (C#, ASP .Net, Oracle)
  • Warehouse Management System under TERMS (Technical Enterprize Resource Management System) for BIRDS Group (ASP .Net, Oracle)

Web Development

  • Webpage of an airport (ASP .Net, Oracle)

Game Development

  • Paranoid (C)


  • 4bit microprocessor design & implementation


  • Computer based data acquisition system
  • PC controlled flying quad-rotor